The most important production and commercial commodity of the stock company is titanium dioxide. Its sales represent an overwhelming majority of the total turnover of the company. The remaining part of the turnover of the company is represented by iron oxides, sulphuric acid and other products. Four fifths of all the total amount of the chemical goods sold are exported.

The main export territory is Western Europe, which together with supplies to Central and Eastern European countries constitutes the biggest part of the total export volume. A significant export share is represented by the states of North and Central America. A considerable export region is also a group of Asia-Pacific states. Our supplies of pigments are also distributed to Africa, Australia, and countries of the Middle East.

Among the key customers of Precheza there are primarily producers from sectors of coatings, plastic, paper, and construction. The company is also among significant manufacturers of products for pharmaceutical industry, food industry, or companies from the agriculture sphere. The research, development, and application demands placed our products are solved by our technological centre.