PRECHEZA's production program is focused mainly on manufacturing of inorganic pigments and other chemicals gained as intermediate products. The most important product manufactured by Precheza is PRETIOX titanium dioxide. Our own technology of titanium dioxide manufacturing is considered family silver of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic was the 4th country in the world to develop it as early as 1924.
The second most important product in PRECHEZA's portfolio of inorganic pigments is FEPREN, a line of iron oxide pigments.
PRECHEZA is the largest sulfuric acid manufacturer in the Czech Republic with most of its production used as an input for titanium dioxide production.
PRECHEZA exports more than 90% of its production. A half of the products are exported to Western Europe and the rest goes to Central and North America, Asia and Eastern Europe. 
PRECHEZA and a Scandinavian company Kemira Municipal & Industry manufacture and sell ferrous sulfate flocculants through their joint venture KEMIFLOC a.s.