Construction Material Laboratory

This laboratory performs research and development of inorganic pigments and their application in concrete, asphalt, plaster mixtures and inorganic binding systems. An integral part of the laboratory's activities is its technical service which is closely linked to PRECHEZA a.s. manufacturing program including application of byproducts from manufacturing processes. Our customers from the construction industry can enjoy comprehensive application and technical service related to the technology of inorganic pigment application in construction material matrices, their dosage, transportation and storing of various forms of pigments.

The laboratory proposes and modifies production technology supplied by the customers in order to reach the required shade and guarantee primary properties of the product. This laboratory is also developing photocatalytic TiO2 based nano-materials used in construction materials for degradation of atmospheric pollutants and partial self-cleansing of construction materials surface. Other research activities are focused mainly on studying the long-term performance of pigments and their light fastness in application samples of silicate construction materials. The laboratory also performs research focused on the performance of coloured construction materials from the point of view of rheology and the verification of the impact of a dose of pigment on the mechanical and physical properties of construction materials. We are studying the possibilities of reducing harmful Cr6+ in concretes.

The basic tests and analyses include the following:
  • Evaluation for colour classification of inorganic pigments
  • Evaluation of foamability of inorganic pigments
  • Light fastness evaluation methodology
  • Evaluation of concrete hardness in accordance with EN 196-1
  • Evaluation of normal concrete consistency and hardening times in accordance with EN 196-3
  • Evaluation of surface hardness of cement concrete using water and chemical defrosting agents ČSN 73 1326
  • Chapelle test – evaluation of pozzolanicity
  • Methodology of titanium dioxide tablet preparation for evaluating their wettability
  • Detection of water soluble Cr6+ in concrete pursuant to EN 196-10
  • Proof of photoactivity in samples pursuant to UNI 11259
  • Rapid weathering tests in construction samples on QUV panel and Q-SUN
Special laboratory equipment:
  • Dislocated weather stations Precheza and Maruška equipped with Wantage Pro 2 meteo stations with cyclical collection and archivation of data
  • Laboratory mixer for preparation of plasters and fireproof mixtures
  • MiniScan spectrophotometer
  • KD-20 freezer cycler box
  • ZD10 concrete press
  • Vicat apparatus
  • Vibrating tables
  • Table diamond blade circular saw with a laser guide

Laboratory Technician