Weather Station

Maruška Weather Station

Testing durability of inorganic pigments

PRECHEZA tests durability of inorganic pigments with regard to the influence of weather conditions at Maruška weather station. The results of the weathering tests provide basic information for evaluation of our own and competitors’ pigments in various application samples. Light fastness monitoring of FEPREN and PRETIOX inorganic pigments in application samples has been taking place in various locations for several decades. Total evaluation of light fastness can be related to exposure time, the amount of solar energy absorbed or the amount of precipitation.

Monitoring of weather data is performed by DAVIS Vantage PRO2 – the device sensors are placed in the immediate surroundings of the samples. The data from the sensors are sent via wireless transmission to a console located inside the weather station building, from where they are further sent via the Internet to the Construction Material Laboratory of Precheza a.s.

We monitor the following data:

  • Outside and inside temperature [°C]
  • Outside and inside humidity [%]
  • Atmospheric pressure [hPa]
  • Heat Index [°C]
  • THSW Index [°C]
  • Wind chill [°C]
  • Wind speed [m/s]
  • Wind direction [N,E,S,W]
  • Precipitation intensity [mm]
  • Daily precipitation [mm]
  • UV dose [MED]
  • Solar energy [W/m2]
  • Dew point [°C]