Information - Fraudulent E-mails that Create the Impression of Being Sent from Precheza a.s.

Dear Business Partners,

Lately, in an increasing number of cases, you are sent fraudulent e-mails that at the first glance give the impression that they were sent by the employees of the company Precheza a.s. – i.e. from e-mail addresses ending in "". To help you protect yourself from these malicious emails, please read the following information and recommendations:

1. Not every e-mail that displays the sender's address is necessarily sent by an employee of Precheza a.s. It does not require any specialized computer-related knowledge to send out a fraudulent e-mail that looks like a message sent from the domain

2. If the attacker needs to get your answer by which you decide to accidentally disclose the required information to them (or even send payments required by them), the attacker must ensure that the e-mail in reply will be sent not to the original sender's address displayed as, but to a completely different address (at least in cc) – that is usually an address with a freemail service intended primarily for private purposes. You can easily recognize this by pressing "Reply" in the suspicious e-mail and reviewing the addresses to which the e-mail is to be sent back. If the address for replying differs from, do not send the e-mail and do not communicate with the sender in any other way!

3. All e-mails sent by employees of Precheza a.s. that you normally receive from us have a uniform appearance of the signature block - a signature in text and legal postscript. They always are of the same font, color, structure. If an e-mail you receive is graphically different at the first glance, it probably is a fraudulent e-mail. We admit that if an attacker gets a copy of an e-mail from an employee, the attacker can easily emulate the form thereof. But if the attacker does not even have one real e-mail from Precheza a.s., they cannot imitate the signature block of an e-mail and you have a very easy way to identify a fraudulent e-mail at the first glance.

4. All real emails from employees - contact persons at Precheza a.s. are accompanied by an electronic signature. For example, such a signed e-mail is marked by "Red Seal with Ribbon" in the MS-Outlook environment as follows:

and after opening the e-mail as follows:

Clicking the mouse in the "seal" marked with the red circle in the image, digital signature information will show:

In it, it is possible to display additional data by pressing the "Details" icon. So far, we have not seen a fraudulent e-mail in which the attacker would also be able to get this digital signature valid for a user in the domain.

5. If you receive a "Precheza" e-mail regarding which you have any doubts as to its origin, please do not reply to it using the "Reply" functionality! Instead, please forward it to a manually entered e-mail address of your usual contact person at Precheza a.s. Our employee can then tell you if this was a genuine e-mail or a scam.