21st Customers Days and Precheza Conference
16. 6. 2022

21st Customers Days and Precheza Conference

We have entered the third decade in the number of holding the traditional meeting of our distributors, end customers and business partners, which is customarily organized by the Commercial Department in a two-year period. This year’s meeting was an exceptional one. The COVID pandemic caused this event to be postponed by another two years, the original planned date being in 2020. Therefore, such a reunion after four years had been highly anticipated by both the visitors and organizers for a long time. On 18th – 20th May, after a series of meeting organized solely in Moravia, we returned to the resort of Capi Hnizdo.
The registration took place on the eve of the main conference day, it should be noted that despite the subsiding COVID restrictions and the newly developed crisis situation in Europe, we were delighted to welcome participants from 26 countries.  It is worth mentioning that there were guests coming all the way from Australia, the USA, England, Israel, Egypt, but also from the currently suffering Ukraine.  

The morning of the following day was, as usual, dedicated to lectures. The conference was ceremonially opened by the CEO Ing. Ivo Hanáček and in his presentation he introduced current information regarding the Agrofert a.s. company, including the present ownership structures and its current economic results.
The second speaker was Mr Reg Adams from the London company Artikol, who had accepted our invitation again and came to visit the Precheza Conference after 22 years. Mr Adams has dedicated his life to pigment statistics, which became the topic of his presentation where the audience were introduced to the current trends in the field of titanium dioxide and other pigments. The Commercial Director, Ing. Marian Bartoš, MBA, started his presentation by introducing the present-day team in the Commercial Department, showed the sales regarding the various territories and applications, and gave an insight into the economic activities of the company. Further he went on to introduce the current structure of the product portfolio, including details about the packaging and the difficulties as regards the production campaigns of some products.
The Production Director, Ing. Pavel Valášek, informed the attendees about the state of the current production capacity and the difficulties connected with development projects. He also summarized both the finished projects and those that are currently in preparation in the fields of product range, environment and capacity developments. This ended the first morning block of presentations.
The opening of the second presentation block was dedicated to the introduction of the so-called “Red Book” about the Fepren iron oxide pigments, which had been published before the cancelled conference in 2020. RNDr. Petr Pikal rose to the occasion and with his original sense of humour enriched the topic of the colourful pigments with titbits from the history, the present and de facto, even the future. The present-day state of the legislation and its real threats to the industry were described in the paper by Ing. Pavel Mikulík, MBA.
The remaining time was dedicated to our guests. The first of whom was Mr Jakub Noll, who introduced the Association of Paint Manufacturers, including their member producers. He went on to outline the trends in the field of paint production and sales. An emotionally charged presentation was give by the representative of the Ukrainian company Velta, Ms Olena Lesnyak. In spite of the current trying times, the company is still mining, manufacturing and above all transporting the raw material used in the production of TiO2  and  for metallurgical purposes to their customers without major issues.
The topic from the field of cosmetics and both the pigmentary and non-pigmentary usage of TiO2 was introduced by Ms Hana Clegg, representative of the American company Kobo Products. She highlighted among other things the unique prevention of penetration of a whole spectrum of harmful radiation.
The end of the conference was dedicated to the application of the iron pigments in concrete roof tiles, which was presented by Ing Tomáš Bábics from the Terrán company. Apart from the trends in the area of roofing materials a range of innovative technologies were introduced, including solar roof tiles.
The afternoon was reserved for individual business talks. The guests had the opportunity to enjoy a range of varied activities, whose offer is getting more and more varied thanks to farm facilities. The final evening social event was enriched by a cultural programme. The last day was reserved for potentially postponed business meetings, after which the participants started to take their leave. The volume of feedback, and it must be said prevalently positive, was received directly after the end of the event. These comments are quoted below the article and represent an unequivocal proof of the benefit of such a meeting. The balanced content of the conference received positive appraisal. Thanks to the professional work, dedication and creative approach of all the involved employees, at the head with Mgr. Simona Hánová, the event can be considered a success yet again.
Jan Přikryl
  • Thank you for the kind remarks.  We are happy to be a part of the organization and always enjoy our time there. 
             Larry Walters, ISM, USA
  • Meeting you, team Precheza and others connected to Precheza was also a pleasure that was equally mine too. The event was nicely organised and everything was just perfect and very nice.
              Virendra Desai, KANTILAL B DESAI & SON, India
  • The event was very nice, interesting and super well organised. It was a pleasure and heart-warming in these challenging times. Encouraging greetings from Switzerland and thank you for the continous good collaboration.
              Maria Neumann, ALBERTO LUISONI, Switzerland
  • On behalf of DKSH Nordic I would like to express our gratitude to you for the arrangements at this year Conference in Olbramovice. The speeches, people, meetings, the international atmosphere, the surroundings, balloon trip, gala dinner etc We know there are a lot of work behind it. It was truly a few days we will never forget.
              Magnus Wall, DKSH Nordic A/S, Norway
  • Thank you for hosting such an amazing event and being such perfect hosts.
                Philip Denley, J.A.L. Chemicals Limited, England
  • It was a pleasure to attend Precheza’s Conference again! Thank you very much.
              Marta Galí, Proquimac PFC S.A., Spain
  • Many thanks for your nice hospitality in the occasion of Precheza meeting.
              Claudio Sadino, AGROFERT ITALIA SRL, Italy
  • I just wanted to thank you and your team for putting forward such a great conference.  Amidst everything that is going on in our current world, you and your team arranged great presentations that will ultimately help our customers better understand the TIO2 business. 
               Michael Ravitz, Universal Preserv-a-chem Inc., USA
  • We thank you for the opportunity to meet you and our friends at beautiful Capi Hnizdo resort. The Conference with all presenters, was well done organized and will help us to improve our business on the field.
              Dragan Simovski, INTELKOM DOO, Macedonia