Construction market in Poland was in a good condition at the beginning of the year

Polish construction market as the strongest and steadily growing market among the Central European countries expected a year-to-year growth of 3.3 %, that is in the overall value of contracts at the value of € 58.4 million. The leading segment of the market is civil construction. However, in the view of the current world pandemic it remains to be seen how difficult it will be to meet such expectations.
Prior to the oncoming construction season the 7th International Construction Exhibition ICCX Central Europe 2020 was held in Warsaw, Poland. From 12th to 13th February company PRECHEZA together with our local distributor, company ZWUKSO, participated in this relatively dynamically developing exhibition. It is annually accompanied by a two-day specialist conference. The exhibition presented 110 companies, whose orientation is connected mainly with the production of ready mixed concrete, prefabricated concrete, which constitutes an interest for us especially in the field of the production of small concrete goods, which are nearly always coloured with inorganic pigments. Most of the companies that were present in the exhibition are among the leaders in their field and set the current trends not only on the Polish territory. More than 750 visitors had the opportunity not only to negotiate with the exhibitors, but also to participate in expert lectures in the conference part of the exhibition. The usage of prefabricated concrete components in civil construction was presented as a current trend. Their advantages are acceleration of construction, savings in costs and smaller impact on the environment. The environment was center stage of the following presented topic – the usage of “eco concrete” and “eco surfaces” in urban housing development, where one of the leading roles is played by photoactive TiO2 and its ability to lower the concentration of exhaust gases. There was also positive feedback to the lecture which dealt with 3D printing of concrete construction.  Engaging this, for the time being only laboratory technology, into regular construction would immensely increase automation of work in the construction industry. The frequently discussed topic during the business and technical negotiation with customers was the usage and advantage of photoactive TiO2 and liquid forms of iron pigments.