CLOSURE - Information for the forwarder/hauler

Due to the modernisation ( building of a new bridge over the railroad  in Dluhonska street ) the old bridges on Dluhonska street will be closed from 6th November 2017 and the reconstruction will take approximately one year. Due to this closure it will not be possible  o turn from Polni and Trzni street and to use the traditional way for loading and unloading of the materials and goods in Precheza a.s. (see the enclosure).  As a detour to Precheza a.s. you can use as a starting point crossroad E55 (49.4534289N, 17.4189786E) and follow the road III/01057 (Stare Rybniky, ul. Předmostská), direction Dluhonice. At the beginning of the village Dluhonice you are supposed to turn left (49.4534289N, 17.4189786E) across the railroad crossing at Dluhonska street (dead end) . This will take you to our central warehouse (CSP)  (49.4495264N, 17.4253711E) or freight gatehouse (49.4523278N, 17.4321683E) of Precheza a.s.


Information for the forwarder/hauler: CLOSURE