Přerov Chemistry Through The Years

In 2014, Precheza celebrated 120 years of existence. Celebrations included Employee Ball, Open Door Day and exhibition of historic documents about the beginnings of the chemical industry in Moravia borrowed from the archives. Precheza registered a new trade mark. The first year of Precheza Valachiarun ('Ten Km Around the Chimney') took place. The Company invested in a hydrolysate cooling installation in the titanium dioxide unit.  In November, the tenth centrifuge was added to Pregips production and the fourth sulfacide reactor was connected to capture SO2 from calcination.

Precheza acquired a subsidiary called Czech Technology Centre for Inorganic Pigments. SAP was upgraded to a version compliant with the IFRS. Zbyněk Průša was elected new Chairman of the Board of Directors. In May, a major overhaul of the sulphuric acid production hall and the construction of a turbine to utilize heat from production began. Reconstruction of the bridge across the Bečva River began. Precheza obtained an integrated permit from the Olomouc Regional Authority to increase sodium bisulphate monohydrate production to 40,000 tons/year. The monthly production of titanium dioxide reached a new record high of 4,709 tons.

Precheza purchased Precolor o.z., a part of the Agrofert Holding. Certain changes were introduced in the executive positions – Pavel Valášek assumed the post of Production Manager, Martin Čevela became new Head of Titanium Dioxide Unit and Marek Konečný became new Head of Sulphuric Acid Unit. The Company launched Partnership for Chemistry project in cooperation with Pardubice University. Precheza won the Best Regional Employer of 2012 award and became a member of the Association of Paint Manufacturers of the Czech Republic. The same year, ilmenite decomposition and iron sulphate separation facilities were expanded.

Precheza started an EDUCA project supported by the ESF. The project is focused on educating employees in specific knowledge about manufacturing in Precheza. As a partner, we also entered a project of Chemgeneration which came into being on occasion of the International Year of Chemistry. Application portfolio of FEPREN pigments was extended with a possibility of pigmentation of reinforced concrete products. Ing. Ivo Hanáček was appointed new General Manager.

The new policy of integrated systems of management – system of quality management (ISO 9001) and the environment (ISO 14001) were extended with a system of safety work management OHSAS 18001; Precheza gained financial support for employees training program with the title Schooling is a Chance.

Ing. Tomáš Procházka was appointed as the new CEO; the millionth tonne of titanium dioxide was manufactured in October.

As a result of organizational changes, PRECHEZA a.s. was split into the following two organizations: PRECHEZA a.s. located in Přerov, Nábřeží Dr. E. Beneše 24, (Identification Number 26872307), as listed in the Commercial Register of the Regional Court in Ostrava under the number B 2953; and CECHEM – Administration Of Capital Interest, a.s. located in Přerov, Nábřeží Dr. E. Beneše 24, (Identification Number 26872331), listed in the Commercial Register of the Regional Court in Ostrava under the number B 2952. (31st December 2005).

We became a member of the AGROFERT GROUP, the single, major owner being AGROFERT HOLDING a.s.

The Czech Technological Centre for Inorganic Pigments a.s. (ČTCAP) was founded, www.ctcap.cz as a 100% daughter company of PRECHEZA a.s. ČTCAP focuses on the development and innovation of high-tech production and the technology of titanium dioxide and iron pigments including the corresponding application methods, and applications within the manufacturing of coating materials (paints), plastics, fibers, building materials, cosmetics etc.

The majority share holder AGROFERT HOLDING a.s., Prague, acquires 97.51% of shares. The exclusive distributor of PRECHEZA a.s. products became the AGROFERT HOLDING, a.s., branch enterprise PRECOLOR Přerov.

Joint-stock company PRECOLOR, situated in Přerov, a daughter company of AGROFERT HOLDING a.s. won the public tender competition announced by FNM to purchase 51% of PRECHEZA shares.

The production of Prefloc was transferred to the daughter company Kemifloc, (a joint-venture of PRECHEZA and Scandinavian multinational Kemira Kemi), a division of which, Kemwater, is today’s biggest global producer of water treatment and cleaning chemicals. Over time Kemifloc becomes the biggest producer of iron coagulants in Central Europe.

Industrial fertilizer production was phased out.

The transformation of the state owned company, “Přerov Chemical Factory”, into the joint-stock company PRECHEZA with 100% of shares owned by FNM.

The name of the company changed once again into “Chemopetrol Company Group: Přerov Chemical Factory, Přerov”.

As a factory, the company joined VHJ “Chemopetrol Prague”.

The production of inorganic pigments began.

A new name: “Přerov Chemical Factory”

The S-1 manufacturing plant, which started production with an annual capacity of 100,000 tonnes, was built for the production of sulphuric acid using liquid sulphur.

A national company “Chemical Factory, Přerov” was founded. The production of edible oils and fats ended.

Production of superphosphate ended, (subsequently restarting in 1950.)

A change of regulations and of the company name, to “Agricultural Chemical Factory, Joint-Stock Company In Přerov”.

Oil extraction continued, the new production of varnish and preparatory oils began.

The construction of a new battery extraction with a daily capacity around 30 tonnes of oleaginous seeds, where resultant linseed husk and oil were obtained.

The production and sale of sodium fluorosilicate began.

Producing sulphuric acid and superphosphate, the company was founded in Přerov as “The First Joint-Stock Factory For Concentrated Fertilizers and Chemicals”.