Ethical codex


Company PRECHEZA puts emphasis on abiding by the legal regulations, ethical and moral codices and abiding by honest trading standards in everyday conduct and under all circumstances. This approach stems from the collective concept of AGROFERT group and it is binding for all the companies which are a part of the group. For the purpose of setting up these standards the Programme of Compliance was approved, part of which is the Ethical Codex containing the basic principles, values, and rules of the group.

As a part of these measures undertaken to help uncover and eliminate illegal or unethical conduct is the appointment of an internal Compliance Officer, who receives complaints, reports and initiatives concerning suspicions of unethical behaviour. In PRECHEZA potential initiatives or reports can be sent to Another possibility is to use the ethical Tell Us line through which it is possible to report uncovered violations of the Ethical Codex. All reports will be thoroughly investigated and in case a breach is discovered, remedial measures will be taken.