This is the full text of the disclaimer in emails PRECHEZA a.s.
This e-mail and any documents attached may be confidential and are intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed.
If you received this e-mail by mistake, please inform its sender immediately. Delete the contents of this e-mail with all its attachments and its copies from your system.
If you are not the individual to whom the e-mail is addressed, you are not authorized to use, disseminate, copy or disclose this e-mail in any manner.
The sender of this e-mail shall not be liable for any possible damage caused by modifications of the e-mail or by delay with transfer of the email.

In case this e-mail forms part of business dealings:
- the sender reserves the right to end negotiations about entering into a contract at any time, for any reason, and without stating any cause.
- if the e-mail contains an offer, the recipient is entitled to accept such offer immediately; The sender of this e-mail (offer) excludes any acceptance of the offer on the part of the recipient containing any amendment or variation.
- the sender insists that the respective contract is concluded only upon an express mutual agreement on all its aspects. 
- the sender of this e-mail informs that he/she is not authorized to enter into any contracts on behalf of the company except for cases in which he/she is expressly authorized to do so in writing, and such authorization or power of attorney is submitted to the recipient or the person represented by the recipient, or the existence of such authorization is known to the recipient of the person represented by the recipient.
This statement is valid and effective from 1.4.2018