The most important manufacturing and trade material of the company at present is titanium dioxide, the sales of which represent approximately 86% of the total company turnover, the remainder being split between iron pigments (8%), sulphuric acid (1%) and the rest belongs to other chemicals.

From the total amount of sold chemical products, over 90% are exported. Western Europe remains the major exporting territory with a share of 51% of total sales. Central and Eastern European countries, (including Slovakia) account for about 19% and North and Central America account for 15%. In turn, the Asian Pacific Group commands 13% of total sales whereas Africa, together with Middle East countries equals to about 2%.


PRECHEZA a.s. is the owner of technological knowledge relating to inorganic pigment production. In the first half of the 1990s, two titanium dioxide production companies in China were built upon the basis of a licensing agreement.